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New York Times bestselling author Shannon Drake returns with a glorious Scottish epic about the cost of war--and the rewards of love...

The Lion in GloryTHE LION IN GLORY

Zebra Books, Mass Market Paperback
January 2003, ISBN 0-8217-7287-2
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The tides of war have turned for the valiant Scots led by King Robert the Bruce, and they boldly reclaim lands still ruled by the English. When Jamie Graham comes to seize Hamstead Heath, he has no need for a hostage-not even one as beautiful and spirited as Christina, the manor's chatelaine. After her attempts to trick him fail, she insists that he take her away as his hostage. Though he is certain this confounding woman is trying to play him for a fool, Jamie is determined to claim the sweet temptation she offers...

Christina has but one goal in mind-to free her brother from the fortress of the new English king who has accused her family of treason. Her growing love for her unwilling captor is both unexpected and thrilling, yet it must not deter her mission-to master the art of jousting, win a tournament in disguise, and secure her brother's release. She cannot foresee the twist of fate that will threaten all she holds dear: her life, her lands...and the man who has captured her heart.


"These people," Christina said. "They will starve come winter."
"Alas, you should have thought of that."
Her fingers suddenly curled around his wrist with a surprising and desperate strength.
"You can't leave me here."
"My lady, Robert Bruce is one of the most humane men I have ever seen. We do not slay the populace, nor do we seize prisoners and bring them back to Scotland. Not unless they're of incredible value, which you are not. You've really nothing to fear."
She shook her head. "No! You must take me with you."
"As what?" he inquired, eyes narrowing.
This was definitely a strange form of treachery.
"As...anything," she said.
"You know what you're saying?" Truly puzzled, he stared at her.
"You can't leave me here!" she insisted.
"Why?" he demanded.
She moistened her lips, seeking an answer that wouldn't come. He lowered his head and leaned closer, his mouth nearly against her own.
"Why?" he demanded again.
He was not to have his answer.