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The Florida Series

A magnificient six-book historical family saga in which New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham recreates the tumultuous history of America's least-known frontier, Florida, and brings it vividly to life with a love story that burns with passion and truth.

RUNAWAY (Book #1)
Dell, 1995, ISBN 0-440-21688-5

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"I accepted you as payment on a gambling table because you're incredibly beautiful and I want you for the same reason."


His smoldering gaze claimed her long before a poker hand made her his. Tara Brent knew she could never escape this dark and brooding stranger who promised her safety, with a price: marriage and life together in the lush, lethal wilderness of Florida. She didn't even know his name, only the promise of passion, and refuge in his arms...

Jarrett McKenzie swept his ravishing bride away from New Orleans to his remote Florida plantation, determined to uncover the desperate secret from which she ran. He couldn't tell her of his own Seminole roots--or open her guarded heart--until his former commander, President Andrew Jackson, declared war on the Indians, and a powerful enemy from Tara's past found his way to their door...

CAPTIVE (Book #2)
Topaz, August 1996, ISBN 0-451-40687-7

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When sheltered Virginia belle Teela Warren gets a taste of the lush, exotic Florida Territory, her senses are dazzled. When she glimpses halfbreed James McKenzie, the most attractive man she’s ever seen, her heart is in danger. His forbidden passion ignites her soul, but the ravaging violence of the Indian Wars sweeps between them, powerful and destructive of everything in its path but the truest, most transcendent love . . .

REBEL (Book #3)
Topaz, March 1997, ISBN 0-451-40689-3

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Alaina McMann is stunned by the brazen sensuality of Union major Ian McKenzie. Suddenly she is in his arms, engulfed by desire. Her honor compromised, Alaina's options are either scandal or marriage--to a man who will soon be her bitter enemy.
As the Civil War turns brother against brother, Ian is ordered to capture the South's most notorious spy, the Moccasin. She is beautiful, deadly. And she is his wife. Duty demands she hang, yet Ian's heart demands another choice . . . a magnificent rebellious love that can destroy or save them both.

Topaz, March 1998, ISBN 0-451-40690-7

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Nothing in her privileged life had prepared Yankee beauty Risa Magee for the dangers and intrigues of war...until she bravely rowed through nighttime waters to carry a warning to a friend behind Confederate lines. Suddenly, she was the prisoner of a man with rippling bronze muscles, sensual lips, and plundering kisses.

Nothing in his years of battle could have prepared Rebel sea captain Jerome McKenzie for the desire that ignited when this lovely, reckless woman brazenly entered his home state of Florida--and his world.

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GLORY (Book #5)
TOPAZ, January 1999, ISBN 0-451-40848-9

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Rebel medic Julian McKenzie is at his wit's end with hunger and sickness running rampant through the ill-equipped Confederate army. But a miracle occurs--in the form of Rhiannon Tremain. Branded a white witch because of her healing powers and second sight, the exotic beauty is also a Union sympathizer. In desperate need of her skills, Julian kidnaps Rhiannon--and falls under the spell of a woman whose passion and courage will blur the battle lines of the Civil War--and tear his heart apart.

TRIUMPH (Book #6)
Signet, January 2000, ISBN 0-451-40849-7

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TriumphTia McKenzie was a guiding angel to injured Rebel soldiers. She helped them escape from the Yankee camps to find the safety of their own troops. But her work hasn't gone unnoticed. Union soldier Taylor Douglas has been watching--and he is as struck by her courage as he is by her beauty. Though Tia would never willingly marry a Yankee, her passionate nature and Taylor's powerful desire for her put them in a compromising position. But after the wedding Taylor realizes it's not Ias who is trapped. He is the prisoner of war; caught between Northern patriotism--and the Southern belle who holds his heart.